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Location: Seattle, WA

Owners: Ream Family Trust and others

Clients: TekLine Construction; 
Sampson Tug and Barge

Other consultants/team members:

Project Completion:  (Detroit) 2016, (First Avenue) 2017, (South Park) 2018

Vader Engineering performed numerous engineering studies and improvements for this large industrial complex including work at the Detroit, First Avenue, and South Park sites in Seattle.


The Detroit site was involved in an industrial stormwater permit compliance effort for the storage and cleaning of cargo containers on a gravel surfaced 2- acre site. Vader immediately reduced sediment tracked offsite by recommending a simple no-cost change to on-site circulation. We then initiated an effort to search for historical stormwater features that could be returned to service rather delay progress by permitting new infrastructure. The discovery and retrofit of an old French Drain allowed Vader to re-collect and route stormwater to new treatment facilities. In addition to improved overall site conditions, Vader’s adaptive approach saved the client more than a year’s worth of design and implementation efforts and $100,000 in additional infrastructure and potential fines


Work on the First Avenue site included documentation of existing features and site boundaries along the Duwamish River for land use planning by the owner and tenant. This property had not been fully mapped in more than 150 years so the Vader team paid particular attention to marine buffers and the impacts of various setbacks on future improvements.


At the South Park site, the marine cargo transloading operation was out of compliance with its Industrial Storm Water Permit (ISWP) and sought assistance to reduce sediment track out. Our site analysis revealed the 5-acre site needed paving, grading, drainage, and a perimeter overhaul to address the root causes of the failure to comply. In collaboration with our subconsultants we provided heavy capacity paving as well as stormwater storage, treatment and discharge. This was all constructed with interim freight circulation plans to keep operations on-track during installation. The tenant now has a more effective transloading operation with new tractor-trailer access, perimeter security, improved freight circulation, and capacity to meet their obligations.

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