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The Vader Way

Vader Engineering is a small team of professional engineers, project managers and technical drafters who offer creative solutions to low impact site and storm water design. The team is driven by a passion to seamlessly connect built features to the precise piece of earth they occupy and design is focused on the best ways to leverage existing features, minimize site disturbance, and create spaces that are refreshed and effective.

Vader's client base ranges from non-profit, commercial, industrial and multifamily to recreation and public facilities, however the approach is consistent across all sectors and includes resilient, sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing new or retrofit spaces. Solutions revolve around improving the connectivity between their structures, surface access and underground utilities.


The Vader team aims to understand the root challenges that are impeding success. Each project begins with a site visit and ends with a buildable design that is easy to maintain. From land use planning and site design to utility infrastructure, our process offers full-spectrum civil design services to provide client's with peace of mind and the ability to focus on their expertise.

​Vader Engineering has served clients throughout the South Sound since 2006 as a certified, women-owned business. Contact us today if you're ready to connect with our team about your next project - we are always looking to collaborate in the growth and development of our region.


Your Civil Engineering Team

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