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Reconfiguration & ADA Accommodations 

Located at the convergence of Leach and Chambers Creeks, the master plan for this property was caught up in a political battle between two advocacy groups, creating an impasse and drastically reducing the public use of this park. After researching the park’s history and conducting a detailed site visit, Vader Engineering envisioned what the City Council deemed an “out-of-the-box” user-centric design that achieved priorities for both groups. Our solution included reconfiguring portions of the structures for public use, adding ADA parking, recategorizing the new septic system for public use rather than residential, and returning the site to a natural state in a way that respected the Significant Shoreline status.

The park and pavilions are now enjoyed by families floating the creek, school groups conducting outdoor educational visits, ceremonial events, and the general public, especially for the incredible view of the December salmon run.

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